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My job as a journalist has given me opportunities that helped me learn and grow in my career. This is some of the work I am proud of. 

As part of my Postgraduate degree, I  researched, wrote and produced a themed series of articles based on journalism's relationship with contemporary immersive technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality. The project allowed me to gain insight into an industry which is a future contender for immersive journalism.

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Porter Medium

Social Media & Addiction

A featured piece that dives into the world of social media and its overuse which is prevalent in the modern world. The article touches topics such as neuroscience, culture and technology.

Social network concept

The Mint

Front End Developer

Along with a team composed of my colleagues and friends, I created a website based on the idea of an online publication. The website was created using a combination of HTML & CSS.

The target audience was London's youth with an appeal towards cult topics. 

Computer screen showing a mock-up site
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